Spring Term 2018

​Another busy and exciting term with many different activities.  We were pleased to welcome our new children who settled in very well and welcome back our existing children after their exciting Christmas holiday, with lots of stories to share.

Our Ofsted inspection did not go un noticed.  Well done to all our outstanding teachers, our children and the contribution of the parents that made the day exciting and productive.

The weather this winter was on our side and the children enjoyed being outdoors, either in the playground or in our garden building a bug house, or playing with different activities.

During the term we celebrated a few birthdays walking once around the sun for each year and we looked at many different topics such as how plants and vegetables grow and the children managed to sow some seeds in the ground such as broad beans and peas, ready to pick for the Summer. We made bird feed for the children to hang on their trees.

Our topic of science experiments were very popular and enjoyable in particular the melting of ice to discover dinosaur. The children were experimenting on how ice can melt with salt or warm water.  

Another topic was 'air' and the children experimented how air can move items by blowing through the straw to move a cotton wool.

Having made some heart biscuits and decorated them for Valentine's day,  It was not long before the children were enjoying their pancakes, smothering them with chocolate spread wishing it was shrove Tuesday every day.

We also celebrated mother's day and the children entertained mums by singing lots of their favourite songs and then served mums cake and joined them having given mums their hand made presents.

We also supported Crackerjack charity who help children with disabilities.  The children dressed up as their favourite book for film characters. 

Our project for the second year children this term was 'Transport'. The children always enjoy making their book.  We were told by one mum that her son sleeps with his project book of previous term.

The thrill and joy of children searching for eggs with excitement was astonishing. (egg hunts should be done every week)!! 

We would like to wish everyone a happy Easter and look forward in seeing all next term when we will have and exciting term ahead.


Autumn Term 2017

Although Autumn term is the longest term in the academic year, it flew by and before we blinked it was Christmas.

All our new children settled well and our older children were excited to be back to see their friends.

We covered several topics of which one was 'people who help us'. We invited the fire brigade who came with their engine and excited the children.  They first explained how to keep safe and what number to call in case of emergency.  They also showed the children how they dress to keep safe and then allowed the children to use the hose in the fields and sounded the siren to excite them even further.  

One of our term's weekly topic was leaf printing therefore, off we went to the woods picking leaves.  Of course, the children also found some chestnuts which we brought back to explore.

Our project this term for the older children was 'The Animals of the World'.  The children that participated learnt names of the continents and enjoyed making their book and recording which animals belonged to which continent and their characteristics.

We also, as we do every year, decorated a tree in St. Andrews church and the topic was 'Neverland'.  Thank you to the children who worked hard, making those decorations.

Before we knew, it was time to get ready for Christmas.  baking cakes and decorating them was fun.  There was glitter every where, making crowns, stockings and cards.  

Our Christmas party was a joy and one of the girls said "this is the best Christmas party I've been to".  (she is only three therefore I wonder how many Christmas parties she remembers having gone to!!)

The last day of the term, parents were invited to our Nativity and we were proud of the children and their performance and also to see so many parents and relatives who came to support this event.

We look forward to seeing all the children to yet another exciting Spring Term.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. ​​

Summer Term 2018

As always, the Summer term flew by and the children enjoyed many activities in particular the outdoors as the weather was very kind to us.  ​Eating and snacking outdoors is always a pleasure. 

Growing was another topic and the children picked the broad beans that they had planted the seeds in February and experienced how we can grow our vegetables.  

Our project topic for the all day children was 'mini beasts'.  The Children learnt about the body formation of and characteristics of  insects. They also experienced life cycle of butterflies from live caterpillars to chrysalis and then to butterflies.  

As always, we celebrated father's day and thank you to many dads that made the effort to come and be served by the children, some cake, strawberries and drinks and share their nursery life with them.

The theme of Barnardo's toddle walk was bright colours.  It was an extremely hot day and therefore ice lollies, half way through the walk, energised the children to continue.  Most parents that could, joined the walk and we ended up having a picnic outdoors and then the children enjoyed the paddling pool.  

Our annual nursery trip to Odds farm  was enjoyed by everyone, adult and children alike. The start of the trip is always so exciting, 'going on a coach' sometimes more than the venue.  

Sadly we had to say good bye to some of our older children as they start their next step in life and we are looking forward to welcoming our new children in September.


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